Why is a new Class being formed?
The International Sunfish Class Association (ISCA) and the Owner of the Sunfish Intellectual Property were not able to agree on a new license upon the termination of the previous one. For over two years the parties have been communicating on this matter but it was not meant to be. At the end of September of this year there was one last try by the LaserPerformance group to resolve differences between the parties and by way of a direct appeal to the ISCA World Council, (see Chronology of ISCA-ISCO) , but no agreement was attainable.  The new Class has been formed to clarify both ownership and the organizational relationship of the intellectual property of the Sunfish Class. It does not affect its Constitution or the independence of its actions.

What is the difference between ISCO and old Class?

A new independent class organization has been established as ISCO with a similar mandate to ISCA as enshrined in its Constitution (see ISCO Constitution) and the Class Rules (see International Sunfish Class Rules). The new class organization has an agreement in place with the IP Owner that provides International Sunfish Class Organization the freedom to independently run events as provided by its constitution. The new International Sunfish Class Organization, is to be managed and administered by Sunfish sailors around the globe, and supported by the builder and its sponsors. ISCO does not believe it can replicateinvites the volunteers who run the class and as such has invited every member of the class, including the World Council and the executives to move over to ISCO. The principal and significant difference between the constitution of ISCO and that of ISCA is the provision for (i) global participation and growth by way of providing for representation on the World Council from each of the six continents of the world; and (ii) equal and balanced representation by women.

Of course, the other major difference for ISCO is that it is starting life with a million dollar sponsorship budget to enable a well resourced organization to execute its mission.

What support is LaserPerformance, the manufacturer, providing to ISCO?
ISCO has reached an agreement with LaserPerformance for a significant sponsorship of the Sunfish Class in association with Maclaren, (World Sailing Sponsor). This means that over the next five years ISCO will receive more than $1,000,000 in sponsorship support to be used by its membership to enable and grow Sunfish sailing and organization. This sponsorship will go a long way to bringing the Sunfish Class back to the prominence it has enjoyed for decades and to grow it into a significant international class.

What are the terms and benefits of joining ISCO?
For Class Members: 

Existing Sunfish members and new members and their families can sign up for free until January 1, 2019. LaserPerformance is funding your membership for 1 year to support Sunfish Class sailors. After January 1, 2019, the cost of registration will revert back to the original cost.

For NSCAs: 

There are no fees or class dues payable by the NSCAs.

There will be up to $5,000 of product support for each NSCA that will be provided during 2018.

Individual NSCA race support will be considered on a case by case basis.

Is the class going to divert from One Design?
No, we will continue to improve product without undermining the principles of One Design and will codify what it is without losing old sailors. This means there will be criteria for one design and everyone who predates it will be grandfathered in.

Will there be adequate supply of boats and parts?
To insure there is an adequate supply of boats and parts, the class has agreed with Laser Performance to properly prepare for market requirements. Laser Performance has gone into multiple supply arrangements so that shortages do not occur in 2018 and beyond.

Have any of the events changed? 
“ALL EVENTS CURRENTLY PLANNED TO COMMENCE ON OR BEFORE 31 MARCH 2018 [TO INCLUDE ANY CONNECTED EVENTS THAT FORM PART OF THE SAME SERIES] AS POSTED ON THE ISCA WEBSITE AS OF 3 NOVEMBER 2017”. For events after this date you need to be an official NSCA of ISCO in which case there will be no impact or change to events.  

Where can I find event information?
Event information will be listed with the regatta schedule. Dates, location, and regatta contact information will be provided with the regattas as listed. When it is possible, the NOR, registration, and results will be included as well.

Are there any events or regattas that ISCO is currently organizing?

Yes. ISCO is please to announced it's first regatta the Sunfish Adventure Raid! To be held in Hartford, CT, USA, on June 2nd through the 3rd, 2018. This family fun adventure is open to everyone. You can obtain more information and you are invited to register HERE.

Where can I find information on the Sunfish Class Rules?
Information on the Sunfish Class Rules will be posted on our site under the Rules tab and on the Sailing World website. The Rules tab will also include Bylaws, Class Notices, and Rule Challenge Interpretations.

Where can I find information on accommodations and travel information for regattas?
Accommodation and travel information for regattas can be found on the websites of the clubs hosting the events, event sites, and you can find the regatta contact information on our page so as to reach out to them.

In the ISCO Class Rules there is a paragraph which gives the right to change the boat “provided it has no impact on the performance of the boat.” How do you measure whether change has an impact on performance? Who decides if there is an impact on performance? How do you handle a series of changes that impact performance?

See ISCO Constitution and refer to the role of Technical Director 7.4.8 who is an independent Class member.